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About Me

I am a memory keeper. ?You should see the stacks of family photo albums on my coffee table.

I am a photograph junky. ?I love the feel of old silver halide prints in my hands. I could spend hours sifting through photo bins at an antique store, just staring at nameless faces. Don?t even get me started on my grandparents slides from the 60?s.

I am a creator. If I am not photographing it, I am creating it. I like to work with my hands (thanks mom & dad!). ?Aside from being behind a lens that is where I am the most happy. I like to touch things, hold them in my hands, give them life and a purpose.

I am a believer. ?My faith gives me purpose, hope, and a future and I believe the Lord gave me creativity?to make my journey a bit more fun.

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I earned a photography degree in 2007 from SIU (GO DAWGS!) and I have spent the last 9 years honing my skills and learning lots of new techniques.

I have an incredible husband, Matt (an attorney) and 3 precious kiddos, Ruby- age 5, Max- age 3, and Tucker – the baby. ?Oh and we have a crazy standard poodle named Izzy.

Life is crazy and good. ?Thanks for being part of my journey.