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Carle Hospital Project

Early last fall I was contacted by Carle Hospital about shooting a special project for their postpartum and labor and delivery wings.

I felt completely flattered that they chose little ol’ me out of all of the photographers in Champaign-Urbana. ?I was ecstatic about the opportunity.

The director wanted photographs for ?the wings that both the staff and those visiting the hospital would be able to enjoy. ?We had quite a few think tank sessions and came up with a plan of how we were going to accomplish such a large project.

The project wrapped around the end of December and I was kind of sad that it had to end.

I had the privilege of photographing dozens of newborns and births and I loved every second of it. ?Maybe it’s just becuase I had my own precious baby last March but I think it made me fall in love with wee ones even more.

In the end, large Shannon Leigh Anderson Photography prints are lining the halls and waiting rooms of Carle Hospital and I really hope they bring ?joy to all who view them.

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