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The Barnabas Christmas Project: Adoption Auctions

I am back sharing yet another great way to shop smarter for the holidays! ?It’s monday and not Friday (I think). ?Wait, what day is it…?

So maybe sharing a shop that gives back every Friday was a little ambitious for my current stage of life. ?What can I say? ?I’m an optimist.?

Anyway, as I am sure you are aware we are inching closer to Christmas by the minute.

If you still have a few people on your “to buy for” list I have a great idea for you! ?Check out local (or not so local) adoption auctions!

Adoption fundraisers/auctions are an amazing way to help families bring home a long awaited for child. ?Adoption is a beautiful picture of how God accepts us into his family as sons and daughters and as believers we are certainly called to love and care for the fatherless. ?Pin It

A local friend is having a “12 days of christmas” auction on facebook RIGHT NOW. ?Go HERE to check it out. There are some amazing donated goods listed so be sure to shop around and know that you are helping the Walder family bring home a sweet baby.

If you don’t know anyone who is adopting check out Adopt a Love Story

This nonprofit organization exists to?provide the resources and platform to empower families to raise funds for their adoption, and engage their community with the powerful story of why they are choosing adoption.

Each week they highlight specific families and share their unique story. ?Click HERE to read about the staggering statistics of parentless children and Adopt a Love Story’s mission. ?You can donate directly on the website or follow the links to specific families websites.

Anyway, I am sure there are a lot more resources out there but this is a small start for you. ?Enjoy these last few weeks of advent with your families. ?Hopefully I will be back a few more times to share.




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