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The K Family: St. Joseph,Illinois family photographer

‘What is our motivation to adopt? By Gods grace we have been adopted into His family, to know Him as father and enjoy Him as friend. That and of course the gospel. What is the gospel you may ask? ?God…in His holy love, sent His Son to live the life we could not live and die the death we DESERVE to die so that everyone who trusts in Him can be reconciled to God as His child. 🙂 Adoption is an expression in our lives of the gospel in our hearts!

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A few weeks ago I had the true honor of photographing the “new” Kelleberger family. ?They just adopted Kebe & Shena from Ethiopia and they wanted ?to document this precious time in their lives!

I really wanted to share their story and thought it would be best to have them share it themselves!

Adoption had been on our hearts years before God told us to jump!? We had gone through several phases ranging from helping the orphans plight, adopting because we wanted to show the Gospel in real life, pure excitement and an adrenaline rush, romanticizing the experience, wanting to grow our family, and even because our kids asked us too!:)? However, it ended up coming down to God placing the conviction, burden and love on our hearts for orphans.

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Adoption was the way we felt God was asking us to be used.? It was quite the experience, to say the least.? Yes, there were nights with hours of paperwork, days with multiple phone calls and stressful decisions.? Trips to the doctor, the bank, the home study agency, department of homeland security, conferences (training) and then two trips to Ethiopia; all leading into the mess of work an international adoption has become.? There were times of frustrations and overwhelmed emotions, but through it all, we knew God was directing us down this path.? When we were finally matched with our twins, Shena & Kebe, the joy was set on fire and we were anxious to get them.

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Up to that point, we were somewhat dejected and depressed wondering if we ever were going to be matched (we were on the list for almost 24 months).? Now the time had come.? It had all come to pass, and the end was in sight.? Packing and planning for two trips to Ethiopia was rough, especially our second trip where we only had three days notice to travel, but God was always there to lift us up!? The Gospel has become more clear as we are home now.? The girls are here, and we aren?t going to let them go.? We fought for them and we pursued them, and nothing was going to stop that.? Now our love is growing daily.? We don?t look down at them or get angry when they cry or push us away (okay, maybe a little, we are human, not God, after all!).? But through it all, God has taught us so much and brought so much joy into our lives.

He is like we are with the twins ? pursuing us with unending Love and Grace, growing us and keeping us!

Pin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItOne little helpful bit of information for anyone looking or thinking about adopting: we used an organization called Loving Shepherd Ministries to help us in the beginning stages.? It?s all for free, and they provide information on countries you are eligible to adopt from (based on a questionnaire you fill out), and then agencies you can use.? They ?hand select? their organizations, so you can be assured they will help point you in a positive direction!? Go to and search for adoption resources.? Please Christian, consider the orphan, and helping in this direct way ? adoption is hard, but it is worth everything!

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