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Valentine Garland DIY

One of my goals for 2017 is to spend just 15 minutes a day doing something creative. ?I love photography (and I have some exciting things coming up in that realm for 2017) but I also like to push myself outside of my comfort zone?and find inspiration in other kinds of creative endeavors. ?It’s only the middle of January and I am loving that I am forcing myself to be creative and think outside the box. ?

This week I created a super simple Valentine’s Day garland without spending a dime. ?You’ll always find me trying to do crafts and decor on the?cheap since I change things up so often. This only took 2 days to complete, in about 15 minutes a day. ?

Valentine Heart Garland DIY

  1. Find some old books or paper that you have lying around the house. ?I ended up using old books because I wanted something neutral and we had just purged and had a pile of books ready?to donate.
  2. Use this printable?as your guide to cut?hearts. ?Just print on 8.5×11 card stock and cut the hearts as a template to trace.
  3. Cut 150/175 hearts in?varied sizes.?
  4. Sew each?heart together with your sewing machine in a wide stitch starting at the top of the first heart and continue stitching bottom of heart to top of heart, using 6 to 15 hearts per strand. ?I had 18 strands when I was finished. ?Be sure to leave 6 to 8 inches of thread on the top of the strand so you have something to tie or glue onto the header.
  5. I recycled?an old tree branch from a previous project that was the same width as?my window (about 6 feet) but you could?use scrap wood, a ruler, a curtain rod, or any relatively strait piece of wood, metal, or even cardboard. ?Attach the header above the window and tie or hot glue each strand of hearts to the header making sure each strand is a different length.
  6. Sit back and enjoy!

Hope your family enjoys this as much mine! ?Happy crafting.

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