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The Barnabas Christmas Project: Cuddle + Kind

If you are anything like our family, spending money at Christmas time can get out of control?and frustrating quite quickly.

We *try* to be good stewards of what God has given us but every year when we?make a list and set a budget for gifts we inevitably get overwhelmed and frustrated?by the consumerism that seems to overtake our hearts.

I’ve decided that there has to be some kind of balance between buying a gift for someone and making them feel the love of Jesus and?also buying products that support and love those who make them. ?I am calling this the “Barnabas Christmas Project” because Barnabas in the bible was known for his?openhanded attitude toward material wealth, a character quality that I admire and would love to imitate better.

In my feeble attempt to do this well this Christmas I am going to highlight a few of my favorite shops/products that support others and further the mission of Jesus?this holiday season.

Check back every Friday until Christmas for some great gift options for your family and friends! ?Obviously these gifts will vary in price and will impact others in various ways but my prayer is that the Lord will use the love of the big “C” Church to make a name for himself and meet needs of those in less than ideal circumstances.

*If you have any products/shops that align with this mission please send them my way! ?I’d love to feature them.*

First up:?Cuddle + Kind Dolls.

These adorable knit dolls come in 2 size and are beautifully handcrafted by women artisans in Peru. ?The work provides them with a sustainable, fair trade income. ?But thats not all! With every cuddle+kind doll sold, 10 meals go to children in need. ?That’s a win, win, win!

*images from the Cuddle+Kind instagram account
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