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DiFilippo Fam

Oh how I love this family and I know you will too once you see how adorable they are.

They moved in down the street last year and our girls were instant buds (and we’re pretty fond of the girls’ parents too). 🙂

I am so looking forward to watching these 3 girls grow into sweet young ladies. ?Keep up the good work DiFilippos, you’re a beautiful family inside and out!?DiFilippo-202-1Pin ItDiFilippo-128Pin ItDiFilippo-217Pin ItDiFilippo-147-1Pin ItDiFilippo-259-1Pin ItDiFilippo-252-1Pin ItDiFilippo-192Pin ItDiFilippo-201Pin ItDiFilippo-109Pin ItDiFilippo-113Pin ItDiFilippo-124Pin ItDiFilippo-205Pin ItDiFilippo-137Pin ItDiFilippo-158Pin ItDiFilippo-264-1Pin ItDiFilippo-164Pin ItDiFilippo-171Pin ItDiFilippo-196Pin ItDiFilippo-208Pin ItDiFilippo-213Pin ItDiFilippo-221-1Pin ItDiFilippo-236Pin ItDiFilippo-253-1Pin ItDiFilippo-267-1Pin ItDiFilippo-282Pin ItDiFilippo-287Pin ItDiFilippo-295Pin It

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